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3 Reasons why



The Canadian-Italian Business and Professionals Association (CIBPA) mission is to offer business people and professionals of Italian origin a full range of services and activities to foster the development and growth of their business and professional relationships.




  • Networking events that help foster business relationships among members and friends of CIBPA.
  • Connecting people through local and national networks.
  • Monthly newsletter about the Italian business community and its members.
  • Access to executives, business owners, and other decision makers.
  • Social media exposure.
President’s cocktail - Business Connect - Lunch Conferences - Golf tournament - 5 à 7 - CIBO & Vino - Canada-wide presence 



  • A key CIBPA value is education. The CIBPA Bursary Program ensures talented Canadian-Italian students can pursue their studies.
  • Recognizing outstanding professional achievement by members of the Italian community.
CIBPA Scholarship Bursaries – Person of the Year – Fundraising events (CIBO & JAZZ, Walk/Run…) 



  • CIBPA was born 70 years ago to counter the negative effects of the war years on the community.
  • CIBPA helped build a positive image of the Italian business community and continues to promote the interests of its members.
  • Promotion of the Italian culture through language and cuisine.
  • Merchant discount card for various business needs.
  • Learn from the challenges and experiences of our elders and share their stories.
Remembering the Internment – Collaborating with other community associations