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Eligibility to the CIBPA Bursary Program

To be eligible to the program a candidate must be:


  • a full time university student at the undergraduate, graduate or post-graduate studies level 
  • a Canadian citizen, a recognized resident of the province of Québec 
  • of Italian origin.

All of these three conditions must be met for a candidate to be eligible. 

To be considered by the CIBPA Selection Committee, a candidate must:


  • have successfully completed a minimum of 13 years of study;
  • answer each question of the application form and enclose all further documentation requested;
  • send the application form and the documentation to CIBPA office within the provided deadline.

To be selected the candidate must:

  • have achieved a high grade-point average in the previous year of studies as indicated by the transcript;
  • have clearly indicated in the application that financial assistance via a CIBPA bursary would benefit the candidate.

In selecting the applicants, the Bursary Selection Committee considers the student's academic performance and financial need.



Since 2011, CIBPA also offers a new program: from now on, a limited number of Meritorious Bursaries based on academic achievements only, will be remitted in addition to the standard bursaries, based on financial need and academic results. 

All students are invited to participate to the program.

If you are applying for a Meritorious bursary, you should fill the same Bursary Application as for the standard Program, but YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO FILL THE FINANCIAL SECTION.

If you apply for a standard bursary (financial need + academic results) and you are not selected among the recipients of a bursary, your application will then be automatically studied by the Selection Committee among the applications of Meritorious Bursaries. 

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