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Bursary FAQ

Bursary FAQ


Q-How do I calculate "years of study" (what level of education is considered "year 1")?

A-Year 1 is grade one. So if you are starting your first year of university you have completed 13 years of study (assuming you studied in Quebec and did 2 years of CEGEP.)


Q-Am I allowed to check off “MERIT” and “FINANCIAL AID” or must I compete only in one category?

A-You can check off FINANCIAL AID” if that is your first choice. Any application that does not pass the financial threshold will automatically be put in the Merit category and ranked there.


Q-How do you define “student of Italian heritage?”

A-There has to be a demonstrable link to Italian heritage whether through one or both parents and/or grandparents and/or great-grandparents, regardless of generational degree (ie: 4th, 5th, etc.) as long as proof can be submitted.


Q-I am studying in the province of Quebec and I can demonstrate a link to my Italian heritage but I am not a Canadian citizen. Do I qualify for this bursary?

A-No, to qualify you must be a Canadian citizen and a resident of Quebec (as per your income tax forms.)


Q-I am a Canadian citizen and I can demonstrate a link to my Italian heritage but I do not live in Quebec. Do I qualify for this bursary?

A-No you must be a resident of Quebec to qualify (as per your income tax forms.)


Q-Can my application, official transcripts, and documents be submitted electronically or must they be mailed?

A-Completed applications and documents must be mailed to “” Universities must also mail official transcripts to the same address. An application is not considered complete until all the documents in the checklist (LINK) have been received.


Q-The University I am attending can only provide an official notice of registration once course registration opens for that semester in October, after the scholarship application deadline. Can I use the notice of registration from last semester? Can I just use a proof of acceptance into a university program?

A-You can include proof of acceptance into the program with your application but proof of registration will be required if you are awarded a bursary or scholarship. You can include a note in your application and forward the notice of registration as soon as you have it.


Q-Must I be a full-time student to apply?



Q-The application criteria states that I must include a “Certificate of Admission” for the Fall and Winter semesters. Does this mean that you require an attestation letter from my university or does providing a copy of my schedules with the enrolled courses suffice?

A-A letter from the university is required from the registrar’s office, confirming that you are enrolled in a full-time program and in which faculty. Copies of course schedules do not meet the criteria.


Q-I took a year off school last year but am starting my degree this Fall. Do I qualify for a bursary or scholarship?

A-Yes provided you have been accepted into a full-time program and you meet all the criteria to apply.


Q-Will applicants be notified if they have not been selected to receive a bursary or scholarship? By what date can I assume I have not been selected?

A-If by the end of October you have not been contacted, you can assume that you have not been selected


Q-Is it possible for you to mail back to me official documents that were submitted in the application process?

A-Documents submitted as part of the application process cannot be returned to the applicant.