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Bursary Program


The president of CIBPA Montreal, Domenic Diaco, is proud to announce that, following a meeting with the CIBPA Foundation’s board of directors on February 25, 2019, a new committee was formed and Mr Sam Scalia was named President of the CIBPA Foundation.

The new CIBPA Foundation committee is made up of the following members: Sam Scalia as President, Directors Carmela Lo Dico, Tony Loffreda, Roberto Rinaldi, Rocco Caruso, Tino Carrara, Franco Niro, Sal Nicastro, and Phillippe Legault-Capozio, Treasurer Rick Sassano, Secretary Peter Villani and Vice-president Christina Macedo.

Since its conception in 1961, the CIBPA Foundation has distributed over 3.5 million dollars for the purpose of collecting money to support the education of young students of Italian origin in Quebec. Within the community, CIBPA’s bursary program is often touted as a true gem.

Mr Scalia says he is proud to lead the CIBPA Foundation into the future, while putting into place a bursary program that will offer students long-term support: “I am honoured to have been named President of the CIBPA Foundation. We are looking forward to reach new and higher levels that will benefit Italian-Canadian youth by giving them a better education”.




To help us carry through on our mission, you can DONATE to the CIBPA Foundation. Your support will help foster education amongst our communitys youth!

For years, CIBPA has awarded bursaries to students within the community.
Think of your future by seizing the opportunity that CIBPA is giving you in order to help you achieve your academic goals.

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