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Welcome to the Canadian Italian Business and Professional Association of Montreal!

The Canadian Italian Business and Professional Association (CIBPA) has earned the respect and reputation of being

the premier membership organization that best represents the interests and views of business and professional

Canadians of Italian heritage. Our mandate is to promote and cultivate the business, professional, cultural and social

interests of our members, and to serve as the voice for these individuals. We are the pre-eminent forum for the

exchange of both business and civic idea and viewpoints, our principal focus is to provide the development of business

and professional contacts beyond the simple practice of networking or exchanging business cards.  


CIBPA Montreal Mission Statement & Objectives

CIBPA’S mission is to offer members a complete range of services and activities to encourage the development and

growth of their professional and interpersonal relationships. In addition to this we encourage membership growth both

individually and corporate; thus creating a larger community of valued and motivated professionals. We foster

teamwork and integrity throughout our association and remain committed to the development of all members, as well

as encourage our members to contribute their own constructive creativity and innovation towards the CIBPA’s events

and activities.