Why A CIBPA Membership?

Since 1949, CIBPA Montreal’s mission has been to offer entrepreneurs and professionals of Italian heritage a full range of services and activities promoting the development and growth of their companies and business relationships. We invite you to join CIBPA Montreal as to promote your business and strengthen your professional network. In addition, you’ll benefit from discounts on this year’s upcoming events and contribute to the CIBPA Foundation’s annual bursary program, which helps support the education future business people and professionals within the Italian-Canadian community.

Our association is continuously looking for new members from diverse business communities, as to develop a carrier system for our current members and strengthen business relationships, either for negotiations, references or mentorship purposes.


4 reasons to become a member:

Business networking

- Business networking events allowing CIBPA members and anyone involved in the organization to forge and maintain good business relationships

- Local and national networks that unite members of the community

- Access to corporate executives, entrepreneurs and other key leaders

- Media coverage



- Education is one of CIBPA's core values; the scholarship program allows Italian-Canadian students to continue their studies


Italian Heritage

-CIBPA was founded over 70 years ago to counter the negative impact of the war years on the Italian community

- CIBPA has helped to build a positive image of the Italian community in the business world and continues to promote the interest of its members

- Intergenerational sharing among members of the community to help young people overcome the challenges of overcome life's challenges and better understand their history


App for Members

As a CIBPA member, here is what you can expect to find on your app:

  • Your digital membership card
  • Your editable business profile
  • An event wallet with saved tickets from past/upcoming events
  • Quick access to QR code confirmations for upcoming events
  • A searchable online directory by industry to discover other members


Membership Categories:

- Corporate Membership (2 members) 

- Regular Membership (1 Member)

- Young Adult Membership (18 to 35 years of age - 1 member)

- Student Membership

- Senior 65 + Membership



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