Piazza Petawawa - the paradox

May 25, 2021, 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM

The apology from the Government of Canada for the treatment of Italians during World War II, was long overdue.
700 were interned without cause or accusation. Their only crime, being an Italian immigrant.

Watch the clip where the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau delivers the apology on the Parliament floor:

Many individuals and associations have persevered for years, with unwavering TENACITY( tenacità), to achieve this result.
We thank all those involved for their tireless efforts.

A few years ago, the National Federation of CIBPA produced a documentary on how it profoundly impacted the Italian community across the country. Specifically in Montréal and Toronto, the choice of many Italian immigrant families making roots in their newly adopted country. Businesses were ruined, property confiscated, families separated and no government financial support offered. The families of the internees experienced incredible hardship physically, emotionally & financially.

The creation of CIBPA, emerged from the need to rebuild the Italian business community when it was founded shortly after the war ended, in June 1949.

We invite you to a complementary viewing of the documentary to help all generations better understand our past, and be mesmerized by the resilience of your community.

Access to the documentary will be available on Tuesday May 25th, at 8PM. Mark your calendars.
Be back here and when the counter will reach zero a link will become available.

Meanwhile enjoy a preview

The full documentary is in English and has bilingual subtitled available when activated in the YouTube interface.

In 2012, CIBPA Montreal was able to secure a grant that allowed us to realise the creation of a bronze statue to memorialise that dark moment in history. The renowned artist and sculptor Egidio Vincelli was retained for the work.

Below is a quick video clip about the making, and the meaning, of the statue, aptly titled "TENACITÀ".